About Walker

Walker is a seasoned sales coach and consultant with 15 years of experience building top performing sales teams. He started his career in finance and commercial real estate sales, eventually becoming one of the top producers at a national business development consulting firm. His secret? Abandoning traditional sales tactics, long leads and the hard pitch. Instead, he adopts a buyer’s mindset to close the sale. Walker launched his own sales coaching, training and consulting business to teach the art of the sale, working with top executives and sales leaders across the country to help them build their teams. He also developed the highly-effective No B.S. Sales School where he dispels every sales myth you’ve ever heard, teaching people how to get new business with no hot air, no rah rah, and no cheesy B.S.

What Walker Does

I’ve been there. The guy on the other side of the line, making cold calls, sticking to the script, chasing people who took my information and never called me back and somehow hoping every day to finally close that big sale. It sucks.

The good news is, there’s a better way. As a salesperson, you get to be in the power seat — not the other way around. And you get to drive the sale, and that all starts with being honest. Cut the scripts, the fake chat and get to what matters — learning about and solving your buyer’s problems. Once you tap into what they need, you’ll get exactly what you need — a profitable, healthy business relationship that’ll pay you with more sales and referrals than you’ve ever gotten before.   

Whether you’re looking to close one more sale or grow a more effective sales team, you’re in the right place. It’s time to start unlocking the buyer’s mindset to discover how you can grow your business.


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