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When it comes to sales, most people are still using some outdated method that worked 20 years ago.

The OLD way looks something like this:

1) Research

2) Call

3) Introduce Yourself

4) Ask for Meeting

5) Meet

6) Find Things in Common & Try to Make Friends

7) Educate

8) Trial Close

9) Create Proposal

10) Show Proposal

11) Overcome Objections

12) Negotiate (Cut Price)

13) Chase

Again, that’s bad. Don’t do that 👆

The old sales model is EXACTLY why crap like this happens 👇


❌Deals take forever to close... 

❌You have to lower prices & give up margin just to win the deal...

❌Good prospects ghost you...

❌ You have tons of meetings with people who never buy...

❌You lose deals to lesser competitors…

❌You feel like you’re being “sleazy” or “salesy”


❌And...shocker...you never make the money you SHOULD be making.

Guess What: Selling Doesn’t Have to Be So Hard

I'm Walker McKay.

I help people sell expensive stuff faster and easier using a modern sales process…

It’s called the No B.S. Sales System.

And my coaching clients have paid me millions of dollars to teach it to them.

Because they’ve made many more millions using it.

This system has transformed businesses and changed lives. 

If you’re willing to put some skin in the game and invest a few bucks in yourself, I’ll give you the tools you need to hit your most exciting goals.

Using the No B.S. Sales System, You Will...


  • Close bigger deals easier and faster

  • Get a proven, repeatable framework so you approach every deal the right way every time

  • Know you’re doing sales the right way

  • Achieve “equal business stature” with all your prospects

  • Achieve your sales goals without destroying your life

  • Confidently disqualify bad prospects before they waste a ton of your time

  • Learn the tricks prospects use to get rid of you (they’re so easy to overcome but most people have no clue)…

  • Change the game so your prospect sees you as a business advisor (not just another vendor)

  • Know when to talk and when to shut up

  • Know how much “control” to take in a meeting...and when to give it back


  • Learn how to PREP for sales calls so you don’t screw it up
  • Know the 4 things that should happen before you EVER give a price
  • Gently disarm skeptical prospects and easily diffuse tense situations
  • Build trust with your prospect and to get to the truth much more quickly with 7 powerful questioning strategies
  • Close deals before pitching your services
  • Learn how to ask the right questions, manage expectations, and get in front of viable sales opportunities better than ever before
  • Get people to see why they should spend more money to buy from you, even when competitors are cheaper
  • Be able to navigate any sales opportunity with ease
  • How to lock the sale to make sure you don’t lose a sale you already made


Get the Sales System

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Cut to the Chase, Walker. WHAT DO I GET?


  • Your New, Modernized 7-Step Sales Process
    Proven to work in over 100 industries. 

  • 11 Video Training Modules - Guaranteed No-Fluff & Rah-Rah-Free. 
    Taught by Sales Coach, Walker McKay 

  • Actionable Course Workbook
    Do the work. Get Results. Includes plug-and-play scripts for difficult conversations.

  • Bonus #1: The “Endless Leads” Prospecting Mini-Course -- (value $300)
    Fill your pipeline over and over and over again

  • Bonus #2: The No B.S. Behavior Worksheet (value $100)
    Success is formulaic. Do the right activity and you’ll win. This worksheet will keep you on track. 

  • Bonus #3: The No BS Referral Process (value $250)
    Follow this system to get better referrals more often. 

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What Others Are Saying...

Vaughn Granger, Jr. CEO, Liam John USA

"The skills I’ve learned with Walker’s help have generated over $1 million in annual personal direct sales, as well as two companies that generate over $6 million in annual direct sales”

Damien Stevens, CEO, Servosity

“...Our team has become quite adept at asking the right questions, managing expectations, and getting in front of viable opportunities more successfully than ever before.”

Lindsey Stemann, Principal and Founder, McMillion Consulting

"The No BS Sales System has not only helped me grow my sales, but also has taught me how to handle almost any sales situation or negotiation with confidence."

Blake Wilson, Coastal Territory Manager, Orthomotion Inc.

“Walker and his “No BS Sales System” has completely changed my professional life. It is the best investment any company could make that is looking to grow sales and differentiate themselves from the pack.”

Why Listen to Me?

  • My clients have sold tens of millions of dollars worth of their stuff in over 100 industries

  • I’ve personally coached over 3,000 salespeople

  • I’ve worked with people in over 100 industries (probably including some of your competitors)

  • I’ve helped over 250 sales team leaders build a killer team

I could tell you “you will 10X your income by the time you finish this course,” but that would be BS.

I could say “Buying this course will make you a billionaire by your next birthday,” but that would be BS too.

But here’s the truth: You will get out of this course what you put into it. I am giving you the sales system, the mindsets, and the tools you need to 2x - 3x your sales, to shorten your sales cycle by at least 50%, and to 100% stop playing unprofitable games with prospects who are not ready, willing, or able to buy from you.  

It’s up to you to do the work to get the results. 

But what the heck, I’ll guarantee it anyway. It’s only $500.

Try it for 30 Days 

Watch the trainings. Try my scripts and questioning strategies. Get some free advice on the group coaching calls. If you don’t learn something that can make you 5x the amount you invested, I’ll just give you all your money back. 

Will some people be jerks and take advantage of this policy? Sure. But if they need the $500 that bad, they might need to consider a career change.

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